This Former Galileo Masters Winner Helps You Keep Your Distance

Keeping a safe distance has become easier with Kinexon

After the coronavirus forced most companies, production facilities and all other kinds of workspaces to lock down, employees are slowly starting to come back. However, keeping a safe distance from other people is still essential. New outbreaks are not only a health risk but would also lead to further economic damage. While working from home and separate rooms might work for some companies, there are also many firms and job settings where people need to come together. Apart from business, this also affects sports events, tournaments and championships starting again.

Keeping a safe distance of 1.5 or 2 metres at all times can be tough. And, while concentrating on their task at work or during sport, people might be distracted and get too close to each other.

This is where KINEXON comes in. With its SafeZone solution, it has developed a smart wearable that will alert its users in the event of a critical distance reduction. The core of its distance monitoring is a wristband that visually and acoustically warns the user whenever the previously set minimum physical distance to another person is compromised. With the reliable and accurate information provided on distances and contact events, companies can decrease the risk for their employees.

This innovative tool makes it easy to keep a safe distance and fight the spread of Covid-19.

About visionaries, awards and success

When it began in 2012, KINEXON was a small Bavarian start-up with the vision of revolutionising precision localisation and motion sensing – in healthcare and sports. With the help of the ESA BIC Bavaria, the number one space incubator, these visions transformed into a first functional prototype. From 2013 until 2014, KINEXON was supported by the ESA BIC Bavaria and reached its first milestone: developing the KINEXON CELL, a revolutionary wearable sensor that uses the latest space technology to track the positions of individuals and objects with centimetre accuracy.

With this innovation, the team was named not only the winner of the Galileo Masters 2013 Bavaria Prize, but also the overall winner of the competition. Benefitting from cash prizes and an additional six-month incubation package, KINEXON took the next step on its successful path.

Achievements like these – making it from a vision of innovative space-technology use to an internationally selling product that helps fight a pandemic – is what drives the innovation programmes managed by AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen.

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