VISCOPIC launches its first software products Steps, Pins and Polygons

On 17th September 2018 VISCOPIC officially launches its first software products, VISCOPIC Steps, VISCOPIC Pins and VISCOPIC Polygons.

After a long development period, the company now enters the market with the BETA versions of the three software applications.

With VISCOPIC Pins you can create Augmented Reality content for devices like the Microsoft HoloLens yourself, without having any programming skills. The Windows application allows to generate virtual action- and working steps that can be pinpointed onto real objects and infrastructures. With that it supports working processes in various areas such as production, quality assurance, maintenance, installation or training.

VISCOPIC Steps offers the possibility to create interactive 3D training content or 3D animations from existing 3D data (e.g. CAD data) that can be applied to the above mentioned areas.  The easy to understand windows application ensures that processes of mechanical activities can be learned location- and time-independently without real machines or facilities.

VISCOPIC Polygons enables you to convert 3D models from CAD to mesh, to reduce components which are very small, visually not relevant or invisible. It then allows you to stream large 3D models as holographic content from PC to Microsoft HoloLens in real-time via Wifi connection, without worrying about headset related limited processing power.

“The biggest challenge during the development was to design a system that allows the user to create Augmented Reality workflows as fast and simple as possible, without having to understand the underlying technological complexity. With VISOCPIC Pins we managed to provide beginners as well as experts with a tool that is suitable for both, AR prototyping and scalable content creation. I am always delighted to see how even novices in augmented reality are now able to implement their own use-cases in just minutes instead of weeks, using Mixed Reality smart glasses such as the Microsoft HoloLens.” says Felix Meißgeier, Head of Product Development at VISCOPIC.

VISCOPIC positions itself as experts in 3D- and Augmented Reality solutions. Therewith, the startup has guided numerous customers, amongst others renowned fortune 500 corporations, in the process of  digitization. Together with industrial enterprises, the young company develops prototypes during individual projects, evaluates use-cases and implements software-solutions. Through the analysis of these customer projects, VISCOPIC identified recurring features, based on which the new software applications have been developed.

“The close cooperation with our customers made it possible to not only identify relevant software-features, but also to create a platform that allows our customers to generate AR contents for only a fraction of the costs.” says Marco Maier, Head of Business.

The BETA versions for a one month testphase of Steps, Pins and Polygons are available on The final software applications will likely be available on the market as licensed products from October 2018.

VISCOPIC Steps, Pins and Polygons are the first three software products out of a range of software applications in the field of and Augmented Reality solutions, the start-up is working on.

For more information on VISCOPIC and its products contact or visit

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