UrmO – a revolutionary self-balancing scooter enters serial production

Innovation made in Germany: UrmO reinvents urban mobility. The light electric vehicle enables cities’ inhabitants to travel without traffic. Now, the Kickstarter campaign launches.

UrmO is the most thrilling mobility topic of the year: the light electric vehicle shows what the future will hold. The innovative urban transporter weighs only 6.5 kg (13 lbs) and can be folded to briefcase-size within seconds. Maximum speed is 15 km/h (10 mph) and steering is very intuitive just by shifting weight. Thus, UrmO is ideally suited for crowded urban areas. Facts are all in favour of UrmO: traffic in cities is getting worse and more and more people are travelling multimodal with more than one mode of transport.

Kickstarter campaign: Serial production of UrmO is about to start
Munich-based team UrmO plans serial production and therefore launches a crowdfunding campaign on world renowned platform kickstarter.com. From 08 October onwards, the UrmO can be pre-ordered from 999 EUR as earliest bird specials during the first 72 hours. Retail price of UrmO will be 1.999 EUR (MSRP). “Our funding goal is 65.000 EUR, which will be a solid basis for producing of the first batch of vehicles”, says founder Felix Ballendat. On 07 November, the Kickstarter campaign ends. By October 2019, all vehicles from the campaigns ought to be delivered to backers all over the world. Timing in Germany is perfect, as road approval will be finalized by then. For future developments and new models, UrmO is looking for a strategic investor, which supports the start-up company with knowledge from the industry.

Team: experts and inventors
The three minds behind UrmO are founders Felix Ballendat, Jakob Karbaumer and Sebastian Signer. Felix Ballendat is a true e-mobility expert, who has learned all manual skills from scratch. After his apprenticeship, he converted an old BMW Z3 to electric drive. Later on, he worked for US Company Tesla Motors. Jakob Karbaumer was involved in developing the battery pack for the world’s first electric supercar, the Rimac Concept One. Sebastian Signer complements the team with his entrepreneurial skills, which he acquired as a business consultant. He has already successfully founded his own company.

Vision and goals: UrmOs are supposed to ride on all streets in Europe
Within the next years, UrmO plans to expand to the European market in order to be market leader in the segment of self-balancing scooters. Until then, the team has a busy schedule. Copenhagen, Paris and New York are only some examples, where UrmO presents the innovative vehicle. UrmO will exhibit on all major international mobility summits. Demand is huge already. „With the crowdfunding campaign, we hope to acquire further UrmO fans“, says founder Sebastian Signer.

Visit the crowdfunding campaign

UrmO facts
Weight: 6.5 kilogram / 13 lbs
Maximum speed: 15 km/h / 10 mph
Range: 20 km / 12 miles
Charging time: approx. 45 minutes (quick charge to 80%)
Price: 1.999 Euro (MSRP)

About UrmO:
UrmO GmbH was founded in September 2018 by Felix Ballendat, Jakob Karbaumer and Sebastian Signer in Munich (Germany). The team started to develop the light electric vehicle in March 2016 and since then have built many prototypes. Since September 2018, UrmO GmbH is part of ESA business incubation centre Bavaria (ESA BIC Bavaria), which provides funding and expert knowledge. In fall 2018, the crowdfunding campaign for the self-balancing scooter launches and the first delivery of vehicles will take place in 2019.

Sebastian Signer
UrmO GmbH
Friedrichshafener Str. 1
82205 Gilching

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