The next Copernicus Hackathon organisers receive up to EUR 20,000 funding

New locations of the Copernicus Hackathons

After the second cut-off date in January 2019, the next Copernicus Hackathon organisers had been selected! From April this year, computer programmers, entrepreneurs, thematic experts, graphic designers and other creative talents will come together from all over Europe to collaborate on the development of new software based on Copernicus Earth observation data.

Ideally, each team will comprise experts with skills relevant to software development, including computer programmers, graphic and interface designers, GIS and EO experts, project managers and topic related experts (e.g. agriculture, energy, forestry, oil & gas…). All participants to the Copernicus Hackathons shall be resident of one of the Copernicus participating countries (EU Member States + Norway and Iceland) or have established their organisation in one of the respective countries.

The winning team receives access to the Copernicus Accelerator (a 9-month coaching scheme organised by the Commission). In addition, the organiser of the Copernicus Hackathon often offers additional prizes to the teams.

Feel like you missed out on becoming an organiser yourself? Follow our open call until 31 May 2019 for the third application phase. REGISTER NOW to organise your own Copernicus Hackathon! Time to get new high-tech EO innovation into your region!

These are the new Copernicus Hackathons organiser of the second round:

Risk Space Transfer – Technology Transfer Office
Date of Hackathon: 19-21 April 2019
Country/City: Bulgaria / Sofia
Topic: Mapping of natural and man-made disasters, open to all Copernicus themes

Knowledge Innovation Market
Date of Hackathon: 11-12 May 2019
Country/City: Spain / Barcelona
Topic: Smart cities with sub topics of urban planning, mobility, energy

Green Tech Cluster
Date of Hackathon: 07-09 June 2019
Country/City: Latvia / Liepaja
Topic: Land monitoring, climate change and marine

Planetek Italia
Date of Hackathon: 11-13 October 2019
Country/City: Italy / Bari
Topic: Water

University of Zagreb
Date of Hackathon: 23-24.10.2019, Copernicus conference 25 October 2019
Country/City: Croatia / Zagreb
Topic: Smart cities and smart government, environment protection and climate, application in industry, agriculture and forestry

Lazio Innova S.p.A., GEO-K, Lazio Connect
Date of Hackathon: November 2019
Country/City: Italy / Civitavecchia
Topic: Monitoring, protection, promotion initiatives of Lazio’s cost and sea (such as port access services, goods movement, passenger transport services, fishing, supply chain innovation for nautical tourism and protection of the marine environment)

Technical University of Denmark
Date of Hackathon: Q4 / 2019
Country/City: Norway / Lyngby – Taarbaek
Topic: Lublin: Green Mobility

Irish Centre of High-End-Computing ICHEC
Date of Hackathon: Q4 2019 / Q1 2020
Country: Ireland
Topic: Air Quality applications, Copernicus for marine environment and security, dones and Copernicus: Zooming between large scale and local, AgTech: Copernicus-aided digital agriculture, sustainable, rural and/or socially responsible developments, energy & power for a carbon neutral economy

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