Quantum Systems Detects Contaminated Sites Around Chernobyl with its TRINITY Drone

The commercial use of civilian drones in all kinds of possible areas is progressing. Today, the drone TRINITY from ESA BIC Bavaria alumnus Quantum Systems is used to map contaminated sites in Chernobyl. Read more about this interesting use case here.

In September 2015, Quantum Systems joined the ESA BIC Bavaria network.

The ESA BIC Bavaria seeks entrepreneurs using space technologies in a non-space environment. That does not mean rocket science, but applies to multiple application fields such as navigation and positioning, communications techniques, Earth observation, materials, processes, signals or robotics.

Are you interested in joining our network and do you have an innovative idea yourself? Then have a look at the details of the ESA BIC Bavaria programme. ESA BIC Bavaria has four selection rounds each year. The next application deadline for the incubation programme is 08 June 2018. Apply now for ESA BIC Bavaria

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