Space Exploration Masters Video Interview with Astrosat

Europe’s first innovation competition dedicated to space exploration – the Space Exploration Masters – is in full swing and scouting for new space ideas! The competition is proud to have word-class partners on board awarding prizes in topic-specific challenges worth more than EUR 600,000. One of these partners is a new space company itself: Astrosat.

Prime Example of a Space Startup that has Skyrocketed

Astrosat is a private sector Earth Observation (EO) company based in Musselburgh, Scotland, that focuses on commercial development and exploitation of EO data. Their clients are spread all over the globe – from South East Asia to Central America – and consume products and services as diverse as deforestation monitoring to energy efficiency in the urban environment. They have won numerous awards for their innovative exploitation of the space sector.

In the meantime, after winning the Copernicus Masters in various challenges and continuously expanding their business, Astrosat now features its own Disaster Management Challenge as a competition partner for the third year in a row. On top of that, Astrosat is a partner of the Space Exploration Masters for the second year in a row! They host their Astrosat & Huntsville Challenge together with – Rocket City – Huntsville Madison County Chamber.

Watch the video interview with Astrosat’s Peter Young to learn more about:

  • What convinced Astrosat to become a partner of the Space Exploration Masters
  • Which target groups are addressed in the Astrosat & Huntsville Challenge of the Space Exploration Masters
  • How space and non-space ideas are crucial for space exploration.

Discover the Astrosat & Huntsville Challenge and its cool prizes of the Space Exploration Masters. Get inspired to register with your own idea and explore the forefront of space exploration together with our community!

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