Six New European Commission EO Challenges

The European Commission (EC) extends its topic-specific focus and presents six brand-new Challenges of the Copernicus Masters 2017! Each one is devoted to Earth observation (EO) application fields. Be part of this exciting community and submit your idea until 30 June.


The EC is looking for innovative ideas based on Copernicus data and/or Copernicus services to ensure Europe’s competitiveness. Ideas proposed should deliver concrete value for users and citizens. Participating teams and individuals can choose from the following focus topics of the six EC Challenges: Sustainable Development, Government, Big Data, B2B, Copernicus Services and -Security. Incredible prizes and advantages are waiting for the best submissions in each topic-specific Challenge.

Unique Benefits to Kick-start Your Business

The top finalists of the EC Challenges will be automatically granted access to the Copernicus Accelerator programme. This EC initiative provides a tailored business coaching scheme delivered by experienced mentors with valuable expertise. A cash prize worth EUR 5,000 as well as substantial satellite data quota worth the same value await the winners of the six EC Challenges. Moreover, the winners have the chance to receive a ticket to the next satellite launch in Kourou.

Boosted Awareness of the Copernicus Accelerator

The great success of the Copernicus Accelerator, since its initiation one year ago, is taken to the next level with help from the new six EC Challenges. Both, the Accelerator and the EC Challenges of the Copernicus Masters are essential assets for the Copernicus User Uptake on the European scale. The uniqueness of the Copernicus Accelerator network and the progress it has already made prove the importance of a collaborative working relationship.

“The popularity of the Copernicus Accelerator programme results mainly from its unique characteristic: involving future-oriented entrepreneurs as mentees and high-level professionals as mentors. The perfect interaction between these two core assets of the tailored business coaching service is what makes this EC programme so unique.” underlines Philippe Brunet, Director of Aerospace, Maritime, Security and Defence Industries, EC.

Copernicus Masters and the Copernicus Accelerator

AZO has launched the Copernicus Masters in 2011 on behalf of the European Space Agency (ESA) and with strong support of world-class partners as part of their mission to foster the User Uptake of Copernicus services. The Copernicus Masters is an international competition which awards prizes to innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth observation data. The Copernicus Masters has developed into the moving force of promoting cutting-edge solutions. In 2016, the European Commission has launched the Copernicus Accelerator. This one-of-a-kind programme is focused on providing a tailored business coaching service for up to 50 finalists in the Copernicus Masters competition. The submission phase for the Copernicus Masters 2017 runs until 30 June 2017.

European Commission

The European Commission is one of the main institutions of the European Union. It implements the policies, laws, and treaties of the European Union. In particular, the European Commission manages several Space Programme, including Galileo (the European GPS) and Copernicus, which provides free Earth observation data and services for environment and security. Copernicus products are used for instance to help save lives at sea, improve our response to natural disasters, and allow farmers to better manage their crops.

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