New Incubatees for ESA BIC Bavaria – Part 2/2

In the past weeks, we already took a closer look at the first five newcomers to ESA BIC Bavaria. From the renewable energy sector to smart railway mobility and satellite communication, their solutions offer a broad spectrum of application fields in space and on Earth. Now we want to introduce you to the next innovative companies that joined the space incubation programme!

All startups joining the ESA BIC Bavaria programme are related to space and space technology, but their application fields and missions vary significantly. While one incubatee aims to enable new energy and urban mobility concepts, others are tackling the democratisation of space exploration. This diversity of ideas and solutions shows the high relevance that the space sector has on different business fields. New demands are constantly emerging, as the terrestrial market is evolving and the NewSpace sector is growing in importance.

Fostering all types of innovatory high-tech solutions – from markets that are niche today but have the potential to skyrocket in the coming years, as well as advancing startups developing products for the established industry – is the DNA of the ESA BIC Bavaria incubation programme.

We are happy to welcome the new startups to ESA BIC Bavaria: Aeomiq, Additive Space, DriotData and The Exploration Company!

Aeomiq – Developing smart electro-thermal heating systems suitable for versatile de- and anti-icing applications on the aerospace market

Aeomiq enables all-time emission-free mobility. With in-depth experience in the aerospace and IoT industry, the startup team consists of researchers, engineers, design and business specialists. The startup aims to develop a new generation of anti- and deicing technology, combining their profound expertise in icing, materials and surface treatments, as well as electronics and software development. Aeomiq extends beyond the implementation of all-time high efficiency de- and anti-icing systems at low costs, as it enables new energy and urban mobility concepts to function safely in all kinds of weather.

Additive Space – Metal coating for inner walls of CFRP tanks for better tightness and chemical compatibility

The use of CFRP as a material for aerospace propellant tanks is very advantageous due to low weight, but there are drawbacks for this technology. Chemical compatibility of the tank material with certain propellants (e.g. LOX) or the low tightness, like for example for hydrogen, are an ongoing challenge. Additive Space is developing a metal coating for such tanks that has the potential to solve this problem and pave the way for CFRP propellant tanks.

DriotData – Deep Tech to Connect, Integrate and Analyse your Industrial Internet of Things

DriotData is a deep tech spin-off from the TUM, which offers low-code programming and automated data analytics in a single web-based environment to allow the creation of smart Internet of Things (IoT) services by end-user programmers and citizen data scientists. The USP of DriotData is the fully automated code generation for the entire distributed systems, running on the cloud and on the edge devices, with diverse hardware and software platforms, programming languages and communication protocols. We are using space related model-based technologies as well as ontologies for converting them to industrial use cases.

The Exploration Company – Making space exploration affordable, available and open

To achieve their mission of democratising space exploration, The Exploration Company develops, manufactures and operates Nyx, a modular and reusable orbital vehicle that can eventually be refuelled in orbit. The technical bricks of Nyx are built with open interfaces: they are available on a SpaceStore to enable space and non-space companies to use them and develop new applications. Nyx provides a wide scope of missions ranging from 6 months around the Earth (and re-entry) to landing on the Moon (and coming back), or performing 100km hopping on the Moon. Nyx can resupply space stations and large space infrastructures. Nyx has the potential to carry humans.

Established 2004 in Bavaria as the first European space incubator AZO Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen has been managing ESA BIC Bavaria since 2009 with financial support from the Bavarian Ministry of Economics and its first-class partners: European Space Agency (ESA), German Space Agency at DLR, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Airbus Defence and Space and Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.

The ESA BIC Bavaria promotes pioneering companies with disruptive products and digital businesses in areas like robotics, mobile, mobility, automotive, aviation or satellites. Startups incubated in the programme benefit from a comprehensive support programme, from financing to technical support or coaching, all the way through to market entry.

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