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The winner of ‘EU at 60 – Space for Europe’ Special Prize by the European GNSS Agency (GSA) helps to keep kids safe. Kids are easily distracted – and any parent or teacher knows well how fast a kid can simply wander off. In fact, whenever a teacher takes a group of students outside the classroom, for instance on a field trip, one of their greatest challenges is trying to keep track of everyone. Find out more about kids safety and submit your idea how tragedies can be avoided and risks can be minimised. The CENTRIP (ChildrEN TRIp Protector) project’s goal is to monitor the movement of young children while they are not under their parents’ supervision and also to assist teachers in improving kids’ safety during school trips.

CENTRIP – Children Trip Protector: CENTRIP is a children trip protector that ensures the wellbeing of children during outdoor activities. It allows children to discover the world outside kindergartens and schools in a safe way in many European countries.

For European countries, security is an important topic nowadays. The market needs a solution that can help ensure the wellbeing of children – which is where CENTRIP comes into play. CENTRIP is a student management system for school trips that protects and monitors children during outdoor activities. It helps educators or other responsible individuals keep control and reduce the risk of incidents whilst allowing children to discover the world outside kindergartens and schools.

CENTRIP combines GNSS and ZigBee technologies in an innovative way to ensure a group‘s safety. Devices for teachers and students independently compute their absolute positions, exchange this information, and simultaneously calculate relative positions to measure the distances between them. If a receiver exceeds the maximum allowed distance, an alarm signal is sent to the student and teacher devices in question to allow for quick and appropriate action. The ZigBee module provides connectivity even when underground (in subway stations, for instance). With CENTRIP’s support, teachers and the parents of young kids can make sure that children are exploring the world safely.

CENTRIP is solution for all children outdoor activities that need to ensure a group´s safety and protection of children while exploring the world outside kindergardens and schools. How can we improve efficiency with improved satellite navigation applications?

These kinds of solutions are exactly what the ESNC is looking for. Go ahead and register for the ideas competition with your own safety idea!

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