Isar Aerospace: Boosting the New Space Age

Space exploration and development requires an economically viable approach to ensure sustainable industry growth. Focusing on cheaper and faster access to space, Isar Aerospace provides mission-critical components to boost the development of small launch vehicles.

Isar Aerospace aims to develop, certify, and distribute launcher components by focusing on single systems. The rocket engines currently under development at the company provide a financially attractive and environmentally friendly solution for propelling both small launchers and upper stage vehicles.

Meanwhile, Isar Aerospace’s industry partners are enabling it to rely to a large extent on high-quality 3D printing for critical engine parts, which is opening the door to fast development cycles and components tailored to its customers’ requirements.

ESA BIC Bavaria Manager Cornelia Gebath (CG) interviews Daniel Metzler (DM), CEO at Isar Aerospace.

CG: Please give us a sneak peek of your product and the team behind it.
DM: We’re working towards making space accessible worldwide at reasonable costs and therefore developing a new launch vehicle dedicated to small and medium satellites. The team gained extensive experience at the Technical University Munich where we already worked on sounding rockets and cryogenic rocket engines for several years.

CG: What has been your company’s biggest challenge so far?
DM: Raising money for a space company is definitely challenging, especially outside the United States.

CG: Can you explain the three main ingredients of your recipe for success?
DM: Our three main ingredients of success are boldness, hands-on experience and the will and motivation to change something for the better.

CG: What do you expect from ESA BIC Bavaria and how do you think the initiative and its network will help you to kick-start your business case?
DM: A successful ESA BIC application is a first business case validation and early on, even simple things such as office space are helpful. ESA BIC also enables contacts to space-related as well as political entities.

CG: What do you think to benefit from the DLR support?
DM: We can definitely learn from their daily space operations and mission control which is conducted in Oberpfaffenhofen.

CG: Let’s reach for the stars – what is going to happen in Isar Aerospace’s future?
DM: Our talented team comes up with new ideas every day so there are many things planned for Isar Aerospace. Stay tuned as we work our way towards the stars.

Did you enjoy this interview with the outstanding innovator? Anyone interested can contact Isar Aerospace via e-mail. Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with ESA BIC Bavaria innovators on our AZO Blog.


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