INNOspace Masters Awards Ceremony and Space Moves! Conference 2018 Put New Space Ideas into the Spotlight

On 5 June, the INNOspace Masters competition honoured the best business ideas for space and non-space applications with technology transfer potential during the official Awards Ceremony 2018 in Berlin.

And the Overall Winner of the INNOspace Masters is Fabian Steiner together with Patrick Schulte from shapecomm UG, Germany, with his business idea: Shapecomm – Shaping the Future of SatCom!
The objective of the winning idea is to develop a transceiver architecture building upon the DVB-2X standard, which could support new standardisation endeavours, possibly culminating in DVB-S3.


Winner of the DLR Challenge is Prof Dr Markus Czupalla from Fachhochschule Aachen, Germany, with his idea: Infused Thermal Solutions.


Winner of the ESA BIC Startup Challenge is Alexander Bolton from NUCLEUS VR/EAB Engineering SARL, France, with his idea: Nucleus VR – Connecting People and Information worldwide in Real-time.


Winner of the Airbus Challenge is Simone Briatore from Golbriak Space, Estonia, with his idea: Cloud Computing on the ISS Using Bartolomeo.

Winner of the OHB Challenge is Mathijs Martens from OPE Group, the Netherlands, with his idea: Biocontroller Platform Technology for the Improvement of Microbes Applied in Space Missions.

Congratulations to all winners, finalists and participants for their outstanding ideas! We are excited to have brilliant innovators with new ideas join the commercial space ecosystem! Read the official German DLR press release for more information!

The INNOspace Masters Awards Ceremony took place in the context of the Space Moves! Conference focussing on the latest space and technology trends, startup pitches, inspiring speakers and keynotes.

Many thanks to all our partners, experts, participants, startups, speakers, panellists, attendees in Berlin and INNOspace Masters Twitter followers! Check out @INNOspaceMaster for all on-site impressions and coverage! We will continuously introduce the winning ideas on our Blog. Stay tuned!

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