HIVE – A Highly Accurate Real-Time Solution for GNSS Navigation and Positioning

HIVE - the winner of the 2018 Galileo Masters Estonia Challenge

HIVE – the winner of the 2018 Galileo Masters Estonia Challenge –  impressed the expert jury with a new solution that helps position, navigate, and track drones, robots, and other autonomous GNSS-equipped machines with up to centimetre-level precision.

In order to improve their positioning accuracy, autonomous vehicles like these need to be connected to a ground-based, continuously operating reference station (CORS) that uses GNSS. With thousands of CORS facilities operating as local networks or single stations around the world, the challenge lies in obtaining easy access to all the CORS correction data available.

HIVE is a real-time solution for highly accurate GNSS positioning and navigation. Its cloud-based software has the capacity to combine unlimited numbers of fragmented GNSS CORS facilities in a single solution and provides easy access to all of them. It thus serves as an instrument for creating a united European GNSS CORS infrastructure and enabling next-generation autonomous machines to build a better future for us all.

The development and early testing of the project was started by Dmitrii Kislenko in Russia in 2014. Simon Litvinov joined Dmitrii in 2015. The project was boosted and entered the European market when it became part of the Startup Wise Guys Accelerator in 2018 and created a company in Estonia — Precision Navigation Systems OÜ.

“Winning the Estonia Challenge in the Galileo Masters 2018 meant the breakthrough for HIVE. The credibility we gained for our project through winning the competition works as a door opener for investment talks and to key business contacts. Furthermore, in 2019, HIVE was admitted to ESA BIC Estonia” explains Simon Litvinov, CEO.

HIVE has been developing and testing in Russia since 2014. The project team connected more than 600 reference stations owned by 120 companies and served more than 2000 land surveyors. The new Estonian company has been successfully testing HIVE with Starship Technologies since 2018 and started a pilot with Comodule, an IoT solutions provider for light electric vehicles.

Supported by the ESA BIC Estonia programme, its project development is currently focusing on connecting new GNSS CORS owners and operators, looking for potential customers and launching further pilot projects as well as attracting investments.

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