Final Copernicus Hackathons organisers selected

Copernicus Hackathons organisers 4th round

The Copernicus Hackathons programme closed its fourth and final open call on 15 November 2019. From all of the submissions, 9 organisers have been selected!

With this last call, the programme will have supported organisers from 18 European countries in boosting the use of Earth observation (EO) data with a total of 40 events from 2018 to 2020.

These Hackathons are an excellent opportunity for organisations to support innovation and entrepreneurship by bringing young and promising developer talents into their region and play an active part in tackling societal challenges such as climate change or natural disasters with big data from Earth. Benefitting from up to EUR 20,000 from the European Commission, several organisers have held more than one event during the four rounds.

Each Hackathon is a unique experience that brings together developers, computer programmers, thematic experts, creative talents and space enthusiasts of all kinds. The Hackathons are open to participants residing in the Copernicus participating countries (EU Member States + Norway and Iceland) or who have established their organisation in one of the respective countries. Working in small teams, the participants aim to develop new applications using Copernicus EO data related to a specific topic given by the organiser.

The winning team receive access to the Copernicus Accelerator programme, a 12-month coaching scheme organised by the European Commission. Additionally, the Copernicus Hackathon organisers often award their winners with their own prizes.

The final 9 organisers are listed below. Stay tuned for more information about the events, which will be available soon here.

Date of Hackathon: TBC
Country/City: The Netherlands / The Hague
Topic: EO and AI – focus on ocean, subtopics of their interest

Date of Hackathon: TBC
Country/City: The Netherlands / Amersfoort
Topic: Climate Monitoring, Sustainability Progress

University of Malaga
Date of Hackathon: 17 – 19 April 2020
Country/City: Spain / Malaga
Topic: Green & Digital City, Sustainable & Smart Tourism, Blue & Clean Mediterranean

Green Tec-Cluster
Date of Hackathon: TBC
Country/City: Latvia / Liepaja
Topic: Land/Sea Monitoing & Climate Change

Date of Hackathon:  TBC
Country/City: Greece / Athens
Topic: TBC

Arctic Business Incubator
Date of Hackathon: TBC
Country/City: Sweden / Lulea, Trollhättan
Topic: Climate Change, Life on Land

Date of Hackathon: TBC
Country/City: Republic of Ireland / Cork
Topic: Manage Cultural and Natural Heritage & Climate Change, Urban Sprawl, Tourism and/or Agriculture

JFDI Gmbh / startup300 / Pioneers
Date of Hackathon: TBC
Country/City: Austria / Vienna
Topic: TBC

Planetek Italia
Date of Hackathon: TBC
Country/City: Italy / Bari
Topic: Water

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