Galileo Empowers Startup to Develop Digital Proof Services for the Construction Industry

The ESNC annually awards the best services, products, and business ideas using satellite navigation in everyday life. Find out more about the winning solution of Attestis and submit your construction idea!

Attestis targets building project owners which represent an annual market of more than 2 million construction projects every year. Using Galileo services, Attestis provides legal services to protect construction projects from the risk of recourse:

No More Late Objections to New Buildings: Attestis is a startup company that is using Galileo to develop digital proof services for the construction industry. Attestis targets building project owners (including consumers and businesses), which represent a large market with millions of construction projects each year. In several countries when a building permit is granted, planning regulations mandate that the owner displays a notice sign on the property to inform their neighbours, who then have a limited time to file an objection.

To avoid late objections, litigation, and the destruction of ongoing or finished works, owners need proof that they have indeed displayed the mandatory sign. To this end, Attestis is developing a range of digital proof services based on a web platform, mobile applications, and a geolocation device embedded in the notice sign itself (patent pending). Compared to traditional documentation methods (i.e. an affidavit from a notary), Attestis provides better legal security at a much cheaper price. GNSS services are key to Attestis’s methods of rendering proof. The unique features of Galileo’s services also provide an essential advantage (high precision, signal authentication, position certification).

Attestis is convenient for all building project owners that require better legal security at a much cheaper price.

If your business case relates to construction industry development, register now and become part of the ESNC Hall Of Fame. The submission phase runs from 1 May until 31 July 2018.

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