ESA BIC Bavaria Startups Win First and Second Place at Tech-Helden-Slam Competition

ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Bavaria incubatee Vetcoflow won the top prize of the first Tech-Helden-Slam Competition in Offenbach, Germany on 17 November. And another ESA BIC Bavaria took home second place: Toposens. Congratulations to both ESA BIC Bavaria startups! These prizes will give their businesses an additional boost.

Both companies from the ESA BIC Bavaria network not only convinced an expert jury, but also rocked the audience during a live-pitch and subsequent audience vote.

About 200 startups, entrepreneurs, experts and founders gathered during the sixth edition of the German event for founders “Gründen Fördern Wachsen” (Found Promote Grow). This year’s guiding principle “Future Technology” was the perfect match for Vectoflow and Toposenes with their future-oriented technology and products.

Do you want to become just as successful as these two startups? Then use your chance and join the ESA BIC Bavaria network. Check out all the benefits and apply now before the next application deadline on 24 November 2017.

About Vectoflow GmbH
Vectoflow’s customers want to increase the efficiency of their products by understanding fluid (e.g. air, liquids) flow parameters like velocity, pressure, and angle of attack. Its customised multi-hole probes and systems determine the needed quantities of the parameters at hand. The probes are easily adaptable to customers’ requirements in terms of their geometry, size, and material due to Vectoflow’s innovative fabrication method (3D printing).

About Toposens
Toposens in developing its real-time 3D ultrasound sensor technology. The company uses off-the-shelf, low-cost components and arranges them in a specific design. The startup combines this hardware with their unique knowhow that lies in the software and thus offer a small but powerful sensor that recognises its surroundings. This sensor is the first of its kind – using ultrasound able to scan in real time in 3D with one single sensor system.

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