ESA BIC Alumni present AI solutions to German chancellor

ESA BIC Alumni present AI solutions to Angela Merkel

German chancellor Dr Angela Merkel and the Bavarian Minister President Dr Markus Söder visited a demonstration of selected Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions at the Technical University of Munich. Two successful ESA BIC Bavaria Alumni were able to present their technology highlights, NavVis and ReActive Robotics.

NavVis – the world’s most powerful digital twin platform for the indoors

NavVis brings indoor mapping and positioning to the next level. Their trolley creates photorealistic 3D models of even the largest indoor spaces on the go. Users can explore them with their web-based Indoor Viewer for virtual exhibitions, real estate presentations, construction monitoring, etc. Via these models, their patented indoor positioning engine lets the camera of your smartphone “see” where you are. Metre-accurate and without any infrastructure. Just like GPS for outdoors, this technology is an enabler for the indoor market, including navigation, augmented reality, context aware ads and much more.

ReActive Robotics – Intelligent medical robotics for very early mobilisation of critical care patients

ReActive Robotics will design, manufacture, and sell rehabilitation robots that automate gait rehabilitation in the ICU at a very early stage, just 48 hours after the onset of neurological injury or joint replacement surgery. Their devices will attach directly to the patient’s bed, eliminating the need for dangerous transfers onto separate devices. They will be used for the gait rehabilitation of neurological patients following a central nervous injury and by orthopaedic patients after joint replacement. The company`s mission is to enable clinicians, particularly in intensive care, to provide the best possible care to neurological and orthopaedic patients and help them recover from their injuries. They aim to revolutionise the way gait rehabilitation is performed and aid patients across the globe in regaining their independence after a life-changing injury or surgery.

According to Accenture research* “Artificial intelligence (AI) is a new factor of production and has the potential to introduce new sources of growth, changing how work is done and reinforcing the role of people to drive growth in business.”

Already today, machine intelligence and robotics help to automatically channel traffic, detect illnesses or simplify physical work, just to name a few things. The business potential for AI solutions is huge, especially for high-tech start-ups. ESA BIC Bavaria encourages such pioneering companies to bring their disruptive products and digital businesses to market.

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About ESA BIC Bavaria
ESA Business Incubation Centre (BIC) Bavaria promotes companies with disruptive products and digital businesses in areas such as robotics, mobile, mobility, automotive, aviation, satellites, etc. Since 2004, AZO has supported more than 155 start-ups with its ESA BIC Bavaria to date with an annual turnover of around EUR 150 million in 2018, creating more than 2,000 high-tech jobs in Bavaria and involving more than EUR 50 million in venture capital in 2018. What’s more, the first IPO of an ESA BIC alumnus took place in 2017. ESA BIC Bavaria is one of the most successful incubation programmes in Europe. For more information, please visit

*Research report, ‘Why Artificial Intelligence is the Future of Growth,’ 28 September 2016, Accenture (NYSE: ACN)

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