Copernicus in Action: 70 Applications for the User Uptake of Europe’s EO Programme

The first ESA hardcover book on Earth observation (EO) dedicated to Copernicus idea competitions, in partnership with AZO, is now also available online.

Copernicus in Action” features 70 innovative applications based on Earth observation created with the help of the Copernicus Masters and its affiliated Space App Camps.

Space has become part of our daily life. The European Copernicus Programme offers opportunities for the involvement of new actors with great societal and economical potential for Europe. The so-called “New Space Economy”, led by new entrants from the private sector, will play an important role in the development of creative products and services, and adding value to Copernicus services and data. Grab your chance to experience the online journey through the top of line EO services fostering Copernicus User Uptake.

The book is packed with valuable insights, hands-on experience and a comprehensive market overview. The variety of application fields vary from climate & energy, over transport, logistics & infrastructure to disruptive & sustaining innovation.

Learn more about the Copernicus Masters Earth observation competition, the Space App Camps and the multiple opportunities Earth observation offers for commercial applications. Key market players, testimonials of winners and participants – in brief: true innovators – speak about EO-based solutions in a one-of-a-kind format.

Browse through Europe’s flagship Earth observation programme and explore its finest selection of high-flying commercial applications.

Are you interested in the on-line version of the very first hardcover book and the most pioneering EO-related entrepreneurs? Then make it happen: click on this link to get access to this exclusive publication on Copernicus.

Enjoy discovering the most outstanding Earth observation business cases of the European space community and get inspired.

The Copernicus Masters is the leading innovation platform for commercial Earth observation applications. Since 2011, it is annually awarding prizes to outstanding solutions of business and society. Since 2012, the Space App Camps regularly bring programmers together to develop creative apps that make Earth observation data – in particular from the Copernicus programme – available to a wide range of citizens. These intense events enable new user groups to benefit from the countless opportunities EO data offer in connection with mobile applications.

AZO is organising both initiatives on behalf of ESA. By leveraging its extensive experience in building and maintaining global innovation networks and organising related contests, AZO drives product innovations and the creation of new companies all along the value chain, particularly in the field of commercial aerospace applications.

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