AZO Supporting Opertus Mundi – a Platform for Geospatial Data

AZO is supporting the recently launched EU-funded Horizon 2020 project Opertus Mundi with its professional expertise in communication, dissemination, and exploitation. AZO is part of a consortium of 10 partners from six European countries that will carry out the project under the leadership of the Athena Research and Innovation Center (ARC). Also on board as partners are Sinergise from Slovenia, the 2016 Copernicus Masters overall winner; and GET from Greece, a 2018 Copernicus Accelerator participant.

The Opertus Mundi project intends to create a single digital market for industrial geospatial data assets. It aims to deliver a trusted, secure, and highly scalable pan-European industrial geospatial data market. Opertus Mundi is to serve as a central hub for the discovery, sharing, trading, remuneration, and use of proprietary assets of this kind. It will guarantee low costs and flexibility to accommodate the current and emerging needs of data economy stakeholders regardless of their size, domain, and expertise. The objective of this project is to achieve a breakthrough in the trading and sharing of commercial geospatial data assets across borders and sectors by making these activities simpler, faster, and more cost-effective for data owners and consumers alike. In doing so, Opertus Mundi will make a strong contribution to implement Europe’s data economy.

Data providers and consumers can stay tuned to this project at

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