ATLAS Demo Day – Business Opportunities for Innovative Digital Data-Driven Agriculture

This year again, the ATLAS Demo Day will be held to bring together the ATLAS Open Call winners 2021 and prominent speakers from the agricultural and food industry to showcase the benefits of data-driven services using the ATLAS Interoperability Network within a multitude of pilot studies. This year’s event will take place virtually on 23 November 2022. Registration is available here.

Under the title “Business Opportunities for Innovative Digital Data-Driven Agriculture – Part II”, the event is organised by AZO – Space of Innovation as part of the Horizon 2020 ATLAS project. The pilot studies will be presented by the project’s “Innovation Hubs” and ATLAS Open Call winners 2021, a network of end-users, service providers, researchers, small to mid-size enterprises, start-ups, farmers and consultants along the agricultural value chain that will showcase their solutions implemented for their regional agricultural challenges. The online event will also offer interactive sessions, including a panel discussion on the topic “Can Digital Agriculture & Food Systems Lead the Way to Net Zero?”, where participants will discuss and share their experiences and views as well as ask questions.

Themes explored throughout the sessions will include:

  • The need to join the ATLAS Network
  • How do experts from different fields respond to similar agricultural hurdles, and how do they interact with interested players?
  • How is this innovative decentralised interoperability technology being approached in current times?
  • The ability of this network to bridge the gaps in the digital agriculture market and food systems
  • How ATLAS helps to meet the net-zero ambitions and/or agricultural challenges

The Demo Day will be a lively dialogue and the chance to explore business opportunities for innovative digital data-driven agricultural services. Participants get the opportunity to generate and share knowledge amongst agricultural and food industries that are not a classic match but represent the new digital era.

The ATLAS Demo Day 2022 will be held on the DLG Connect platform to create vast networking opportunities within unlimited time before, during and after the event.

The registration is open now and can be accessed here.

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