Airbus partners with Isar Aerospace satellite launch solutions

ESA BIC Bavaria Incubatee Isar Aerospace Technologies

ESA BIC Bavaria incubatee Isar Aerospace is building a small launch vehicle to complement Europe’s existing medium and large launcher options. The new space startup has just announced signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Airbus Defence and Space. The partnership aims to offer greater launch flexibility for customers in the fast-growing small satellite market.

Isar Aerospace’s two-stage launcher “Spectrum” offers access to low Earth orbit (LEO) for small and medium payloads. It is thus perfectly suited for qube and nano satellite constellations that require small and proportionally low-cost launchers.

The team of graduates from Technical University Munich has strong expertise in engine building and combines cutting-edge rocket engineering research with advanced manufacturing. Their innovative propulsion architecture considerably lowers emissions for sustainable use of space. The three founders, Markus Brandl, Josef Fleischmann and Daniel Metzler, entered their two-year incubation programme at ESA BIC Bavaria’s Oberpfaffenhofen location in November 2017 and founded the company Isar Aerospace in early 2018.

Isar Aerospace plans its first system-level tests for 2020 and aims to start launching payloads to orbit in late 2021. The company has already signed agreements with multiple launch sites for access to a variety of orbits.

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