Ready, NOT-steady, action: Meet the ATLAS Second Open Call Winners!

Last year, H2020 ATLAS project held its second Open Call and we would like you to meet the twelve Open Call 2021 winners – a cooperative network of companies interested in bringing and integrating their innovative agricultural solutions into the ATLAS Interoperability Network. Their solutions will aim to tackle five agricultural challenges, including livestock management, irrigation, weed and pest control, asset tracking and fleet management as well as from farm to fork.

The best twelve solutions were selected out of sixty-eight proposals based on the current market relevance, impact, sustainability, growth strategy, innovation, feasibility, compatibility and interoperability protocols they considered for the ATLAS Network. As such, the winning solutions will continue to offer clear added value to the ATLAS Interoperability Network customers and stakeholders along with the agricultural value chain by integrating new data-driven services that will build on and extend the ATLAS use cases.

The innovative agricultural solutions revealed a variety of ownership, management, technologies, and services that will be implemented from February to July 2022. In order to follow their processes closely, AZO team will conduct and share with you a series of interviews throughout the Open Call winners´ solution implementation phase. The interviews will dig into their processes and show the world the beginning of successful innovative solutions to overcome the current lack of interoperability and to enable farmers increase their productivity in sustainable ways.

The questions posed in the interviews will highlight the stories behind each winning solution, including a sneak peek of the innovative solution, the interoperability component, the team behind the idea as well as the challenges and opportunities they envisage. Do not miss the interviews and stay-up-to date by subscribing to the ATLAS mailing list!

Intza Balenciaga, Project Manager for Horizon 2020 ATLAS and Opertus Mundi at AZO, coordinates the ATLAS second open call and Demo Days to integrate and showcase innovative agricultural solutions in the ATLAS Interoperability Network. Besides building up a sustainable ecosystem for innovative data-driven agriculture, she is currently engaged with the development of Topio - a single digital marketplace for industrial geospatial data assets. Intza is specialised in Law, and more precisely, in the analysis of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance.

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