Call for Regions for the EGNSS Accelerator

Foster the market uptake of Galileo/EGNOS
With the new Space Strategy for Europe being released, the ESNC is at the pulse of the time to strengthen the market uptake of Galileo/EGNOS. Thanks to the European Commission, AZO will foster the respective market uptake of high technologies in Europe on a broader scale, while highlighting the great importance of the regional dimension. The principle objective is to co-finance the operation of a prize awarding mechanism and incubation/acceleration support for innovative applications based on Galileo/EGNOS. At the dawn of Galileo, this project accompanies entrepreneurs and startups to move beyond idea conception into the incubation and development phases of true commercial ventures. To achieve this, the project will build on the existing competition infrastructure of the renowned European Satellite Navigation Competition (ESNC). The project is funded by the European Commission’s DG Growth.

EU co-financing for regions
The project is a unique opportunity to accelerate the regional dimension of the market uptake on a widely-applicable scope and to support more ideas into market introduction. The EGNSS Accelerator will run for three years and aims at supporting the prizes for the ESNC winners of 2017, 2018 and 2019. It is foreseen that 30 partners can be supported with annual co-financing for their regional prizes. Furthermore, the EGNSS Accelerator’s intention is that the top three out of all winners will be encouraged to receive additional incubation support, which can be provided by our partners.

Eligible partners
Regional partners from all EU, EEA and ENP countries can apply for the co-financing scheme in line with a regional partnership in the ESNC. Within the competition, one organisation acts as lead partner for a country (or region) and represents the contact point for the global organiser. Lead partners can be ministries, space agencies, universities, space clusters, space companies, research organisations and many more.

AZO experienced organiser of prize awarding schemes
AZO can build on extensive experience in prize awarding schemes based on the previous Galileo/EGNOS prize awarding scheme “GEPAS” project (2011-2015) which followed the same objectives on a smaller scale supporting 20 regional partners of the ESNC. In addition, AZO recently launched the Copernicus Accelerator on behalf of the European Commission, supporting the best 40 startups of AZO’s Earth Observation competition Copernicus Masters.

To get more details on the ESNC and the co-funding project please contact:

Kathrin Sturm
Business Relationship Manager
+49 8105 77277-24

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